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20 June 2006 @ 08:42 pm
Plug, Plug, Plug  
The GX Razzies - More Badfic Than Fubuki Can Shake His Ass At!

I said in another post I would do it and here it is, TMV's piece of shameless plugging. This is an advertisement for the GX Razzies. Hosted on LJ, it aimes to, as the catchline goes, highlight more badfics than Fubuki can shake his ass at. The purpose of this is to let off some steam, to find the worst of the worst, and then to award them a Pharaoh trophy for their 'achievements'.

1 - Sues will die (and magically come back to life ><) due to the fact there can be only one.
2 - We shall find the fanfiction that bashes one character to one inch of his life, drags his carcass through the mud and then sits on it for good measure.
3 - Pharaoh will eat the remains.

Plus who wouldn't want a lovely Pharaoh trophy of their very own?

Join the gx_razzies today! You know you want to.