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GX Badfic

for the stupidity-oriented

We hate GX badfics :O
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Hello and welcome to another aphotic production: the community of GX badfic.

What is GX badfic, you ask? Simple, my dear: painfully bad, sometimes Mary Sue riddled fanfiction from the fucking insane, yaoi-crazed fandom of Yuugiou (Yu-Gi-Oh!) GX. And this place is where we make fun of it.

We post to show the horror and stupidity previously unknown to GX fanfic writers. It may seem harsh, but we are all biased fanfic bitches, but we know right from wrong, at least. Anything horridly unabashed we want to see get its proper treatment goes here.

There will be a weekly badfic posted every Monday or Tuesday; however, if you see a fanfic that is so bad you simply HAVE to post it, please, by all means, post.

If you come across the misfortune of seeing your fanfic up here: too fucking bad. We are very biased, and we assume no responsibility for how much you suck. Hah. So there.


The rules live here.

1) Flaming and bashing is allowed to an extent, but don't go too overboard. Bad thingers like racism and sexism will not be tolerated. Flame wars will be settled by your friendly neighborhood moderator.

2) Don't post an introduction post. In the notes of your first report you should include a note of greeting.

3) We comment on other people's work -- for better or for worse. This is a critical part of the community, and even though you've posted your opinion here, you may or may not post a review on the story itself that says the same thing you posted here. However, DO NOT LINK BACK TO THE COMMUNITY in your review. We don't want too much wankage, now.

4) The moderator reserves the right to turn down any request to use the community for advertising. Advertising other communities if you haven't recently contributed will likely be turned down. We're more likely to be helpful to active members: please don't bother joining and lurking only to use us as advertising space. If you have nothing to post, don't post at all.

5) There is no number 5.

6) Off-topic posts are not allowed. Do not post an entire entry telling us what your weather is like -- make certain that your post in some way relates to GX badfic. Advertisements are allowed be moderator permission only.

7) We accept reports from AFF rather than FFnet, as long as a warning is placed that the story is hard R/NC-17.


Your post must follow this example:

Title: This is a Mary Sue fic
Culprit: Qu-ko
Victim(s): Juudai/Jaden and Shou/Syrus
Rating: K+
Badfic Rating: 10/10
Notes: Mary Sues suck.

And then, if you so desire, include a sample of or the entire story itself, if not a link to it on FFnet. ALL STORIES MUST GO BEHIND LJ CUTS, OR ELSE THEY WILL BE DELETED.

Following this format will make it IMMENSELY helpful for when I put your stories in the Memories, which will hopefully be updated frequently. Memories will be stored by author and characters involved.

If there are any questions on this community or how to do anything for this community, please direct the questions to aphotic.