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26 May 2007 @ 08:40 pm
This makes the Dewdrop fic look GOOD...  
Title: Loser

Culprit: wolfymewmew

Victim(s): Ryo, Chronos, and Misawa (sort of)

Rating: T

Badfic Rating: 9/10 (It would have been a 10, but I gave it credit for being spellchecked.)

Notes: THE most OOC fic I have EVER read. Yes, it's worse than that one. And that one. And...well, no matter what you think of, this is worse!

Here we see Ryo as a helpless, self-mutilating sobbing uke-type (and you thought it was OOC for Manjoume to do that!) Chronos abuses him. Misawa doesn't return his love. Some guy who appears to be Daito with purple contact lenses rapes him. Much angst ensues.

This fic actually reminds me of a Rocketshipping fic I wrote when I was all of eleven years old. Thankfully, I didn't know about ff.net back then.

EDIT: Silly me, I forgot the link.